Wellness trip is set for women who seek inner bliss. For six days, your mind and body will be rejuvenated in a city where the most famous wellness experts exist. Your trip will be full of peace and serenity. Women’s Wellness Trip is a journey towards self-fulfillment and greater vitality. Our mission is to empower you to build and sustain your own foundation of wellbeing through connection to your body, its messages, and intuition. The Program is divided into Four Pillars: Meditation & Mindfulness, Body Nourishment, Exploration & Community Empowerment

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AlUla - Wellness

AlUla - AlUla Wellness

19 Oct - 5 Nov

Oct 19 - Nov 5

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Bali - Wellness

Bali - Bali Wellness

3 Dec - 30 Dec

Dec 3 - Dec 30

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