About Nomuhub

Our mission is to bring a change in the way people travel through the concept of 'travel with a purpose'

Our Story

How it all started

Having just graduated from university and with a thirst for adventure and self-exploration, two friends decided to embark on a gap year and travel across Europe, Asia and Africa. The result? Rich experiences of growth and meeting unforgettable people. And an unquenched thirst for more.

But upon returning to the GCC, the founders noticed a lack of opportunities back home that offered such purposeful trips. And so, NomuHub was born to fill this gap. Our team aims to bridge communities through travel, empowerment and awareness.

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Our Impact

Making a difference

As a social enterprise, we carry a strong belief that individuals can contribute social impact while enriching their own life experiences. This belief manifests into moving beyond the traditional way of traveling for leisure, and sharing the concept of ‘travel with a purpose’.

We invest time into planning our programs so we can give you (and all our travelers) the opportunity to deliver real, meaningful impact in communities that need it most.

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Our Experiences

Wholesome, Life-changing

NomuHub has developed a reputation in the region as the leader in offering affordable programs that allure hundreds of volunteers from various nationalities to travel with us every year. By working directly with local organizations, we are able to keep our fees low and ensure they go towards meaningful community projects and local employment.

We revel in the assortment of volunteering themes that we offer through our programs: from supporting education through building classrooms or aiding local teachers, to providing needed medical services and awareness, and even supporting communities to sustainably adopt permaculture methods.

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Our Destinations

Immersive, Unforgettable

We select our destinations carefully, making sure they offer an authentic balance of impactful volunteering experiences and rich touristic escapades for our travelers.

Since our very first program in Zanzibar back in 2017, we've expanded our destination offerings to Sri Lanka, Morocco, Kenya, Arusha and now Bali — allowing for a diverse mix of all-round adventures.

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Our Community

Growing together

From the locals to your peer travelers and everyone else you meet, you'll notice that people are the most significant building block of our experiences. No matter how different your background, nationality or profession, you are welcome to the NomuHub family where we foster a collective team that works in unison to deliver a greater purpose. Friendship means everything to us.

We grow strong in numbers, but even more significantly, we witness our growth together — both within ourselves, in our peers and in the local communities we support. It's literally engrained in our name after all — NomuHub is rooted in the Arabic word "nomu" for growth.

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Our Partnerships

Your Reliable CSR Partner

We have partnered with schools, businesses and organizations all over the Middle East to help them achieve their corporate social responsibility goals. With plenty of experience, we proudly jump at the opportunity to help our partners expand their CSR initiatives in a strategic and meaningful way. We follow a holistic approach to ensure alignment with our partner's vision and values.

Volunteering through CSR not only means rewarding benefits for a company's employees, but also for the local communities who are directly impacted from those programs.

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Our Team

Responsible for making the magic happen

Muatasam Alaulaqi


"Travel with a purpose is a lifestyle we live by on a daily basis. Life is measured by the journey we take, not the destination"

Yousef Al Yousef

Nomu Officer

"I'm driven by everyone we meet who comes together for the sole purpose of giving. Truly, it's a reconnection to our souls"

Jood Khalaf

Digital Marketing Lead

"What motivates me is getting to see our volunteers' hard work grow into something bigger, and the smiles on their faces"

Salim Said

Operations Lead

"I enjoy being in service of others, be it to locals on the ground or the volunteers traveling with us. I consider myself lucky"

Leanne George

Business Development Lead

"What I love is how invested we are in the places we operate and plan our programs. We are connected, and every project is impactful"

Yahya Al Lawati


"I'm motivated by being part of creating a two way impact, towards communities we travel to and the travelers who join our journey"

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